Spoken Sessions #2: ART

To celebrate National Poetry Day, I decided to follow up Break You with my second instalment of the Spoken Sessions. “ART” was filmed, edited and recorded last night between 7-10pm, and stars the incredible Alex Stanley-Dower. It focuses on insecurity, self-worth, inner beauty and complex society.

Watch the video here, and scroll down further to read the piece:

You’re effortless.

You shrug your shoulders when I ask about your Art,
and brush off your masterpieces as simply as you brush your hair to one side.
You call your smile so-so even though it never rains when you’re happy.

Your laugh masks your fragility but the pools of your eyes tell stories untold to the world,
as if you wrote your tells just for me.
You have this aura, it draws the best parts of our soul into it and out of us.

Out of mind sometimes it’s like I’m in the presence of someone I was destined to meet.
To talk to you is like a blessing to me.

You never see your light because you’re too busy ensuring everyone else can see theirs.
You’re complex. You’re like a story that words could never do justice.
You’re a design of time. Of Patience. Of Poetry.

You see, you can be absorbed and critiqued and adorned and revered, all in one gaze.
It could be hell for most but you pay no mind because it’s unnecessary.
People will always say what they want and they’ll judge because they know no better.
An eye for an eye makes the world blind but a strong heart will forever beat to change it.

Out of mind sometimes it’s like I’m in the presence of someone I was destined to meet.
To see you here is like a blessing to me.

You’re like Art;
I may not feel you but I feel you.
I may not appreciate you as much as you need,
but you’ll never say that to me if what I was doing, was bless for me.

You’re like Art:



Breaking Down “A Song To Drink Tea To”

I wanted to touch on the thought process behind my latest record, as a lot of people seem to be taking it quite literally, ha.

A Song To Drink Tea To isn’t actually about tea, but rather the discovery of your inner self. All of us have vices, problems and external influences that set us back. What we need to do is reflect on these things and teach ourselves how to tackle them, how to beat them.

Finding your own personal peace/happy place is essential in restoring your life’s balance, for every cloud has a silver lining. Every bad has a good. This wasn’t written to expel bad, however, as without the bad we’d never appreciate good. Rather, it’s about your own interests and living in your personal space without negative thought creeping in.

For me, I feel relaxed listening to music and drinking tea. Tea is important for my mind and body, it relaxes me and allows me to regain focus and channel my energy correctly. For others it could be writing, reading poetry, taking long walks, being with friends etc. My song’s protagonist is the female musician who eludes criticism, knowing it’s of no value. She sits with her records to create, to escape. To be in her own world that allows for spiritual freedom. Her favourite place.

Essentially, this record was made with a purpose of sustaining discovery. Discover who YOU really are, and appreciate both sides of the coin to find your balance and peace. Be content with that, and continue down whatever path is necessary for you.

#MP9 – Validation

We stopped loving ourselves a long time ago.

You might disagree. If anything, our generation is the most narcissistic yet, no? We’re obsessed with ourselves: we take endless selfies; we want to be the first to tweet about a story; we place retweets over morality; we feel entitled to success without earning it; we need to be successful at anyone and everyone’s expense. Surely, we love ourselves TOO much? We place ourselves on pedestals.

But here lies the problem: pedestals often come crashing down. Especially when the foundation is hollow. We don’t do these things because we love ourselves. We do them because we don’t.

When was the last time you looked at yourself in a mirror, felt incredible, smiled, and walked out of the house knowing that you felt completely content with yourself? Chances are the process went more along the lines of: I look great, I’ll take a picture and post it, in hope that it’ll get likes. Then I’ll feel great. THEN I can have a great day, because people like me, people think I look good. This #NoMakeUpSelfie thing for example, I refused to get drawn into whether it was a just cause or narcissistic game (or rather, it was a just cause which turned into narcissistic game) but reading this article opened my eyes to the mentality behind the viral campaign and particularly, our generational values.

“Since the term ‘selfie’ entered our vernacular, it’s come to characterise the narcissism of the internet age. Every social network cultivates the self and in many ways, selfies grasp at our hero worship of celebrities – the modern day messiahs. Getting lots of likes on a picture offers a dizzying taste of this reverence, validating our physical appearance and so validating the carefully constructed image of who we want to be.”

We’ve placed too much importance on the opinions of others. We’ve let outsider appreciation replace self-love. We’re obsessed with validation from others: feeling good ONLY when we get over a hundred likes; doing good ONLY when we get co-signed. Hell, even I’m guilty of feeling like this. I love it when people like my pictures, my music, what have you. But I woke up this morning asking myself how I managed to get here. I know what I’m worth, and it is so much more than views on my videos, or followers, or likes. Yet I find myself a slave to social media numbers, and I hate it. It’s destroying my art, my creativity, my focus.

Somewhere along the lines our magic, art, and passion were lost to pixels. We’re losing who we are to plug into a digital world, to become who we want to be. Who loses, here? Our hearts, our minds, our souls – everything that makes us who we are. And once we lose who we are, we’re stuck in a world of emptiness. We become shallow. We become our digital selves. A copy.

We become… who we’ve just become.

Living in a world where our attention spans have dropped ridiculously, our access to mediocrity infinite. A world where power plays from political figures have made the world blind, and where memes and satire websites will have you believing almost anything, because there’s absolutely nothing to believe in.

I don’t know who created us nor why we’re here, how the earth, stars and universe came to be – and I hate that since entering the digital world, I’ve almost been rid of my initial curiosity and wonder. I wake up to see stories on #KimYe deemed more important than Ukraine. I see people finding Bieber’s deposition video more important than well, pretty much everything else.

It’s insane. And I’m sick to death of it. I don’t quite know how to change and break out of this, but it is essential that we do. We can’t have our future generation grow up on a foundation of masks, façades and emptiness. We need to start loving ourselves, and appreciating that we are who we are. We were born into this world, we create our legacy, we die and go back to the Earth. One of my biggest fears is that people won’t remember me after I’m gone. What’s now challenging that fear though, is me valuing my worth via social media. I’m better than that. We are all better than that. Social Media is a tool for expression, networking and communication. It is NOT for validation.

You are who you are in the flesh. You are NOT your online profile. Please do not forget that. Let’s talk over the phone, let’s talk in person. Let’s travel, let’s go to places without reading online reviews. Let’s forget Google Maps and get lost for a little while. Let’s support something because we WANT to, not because everyone else is. Let’s spend time getting to know ourselves. Let’s start loving ourselves again, so that we can love others the way they deserve to be loved. None of this fake-ness that’ll ultimately be forgotten about the following day. (Can you remember every picture you’ve liked on Instagram this week?)

Positivity can only be spread if it’s within you to begin with. We need it back.

#MP8 – Accepting Yourself

“I may not be much, but I’m all I have.”

Once the dust settles on the day of the social butterfly, she’s by herself. She’s in her own company with her favourite book and television shows, whilst glancing occasionally at her phone – now, let’s pause right here.

How often do you look at your phone, or go online when you’re alone? We have a million social networks and apps, as well as social circles that have the ability to cross continents. We never need to be alone with ourselves, and maybe this is what’s making being alone so damn difficult. Not to say it’s the sole reason but it’s definitely becoming more and more of one, particularly in this generation.

The problem with too much emphasis on social media is that we find ourselves becoming more insecure, introvert and pretty socially awkward in reality. I mean, I still don’t know whether to shake someone’s hand, or give them a hug, or a man-hug, or a fist bump (apparently, neither do these people). Damn you, social etiquette.

On the flip side, you could be that aforementioned social butterfly, but too much dependence on other people’s company and social acceptance in circles could also leave you being your own worst enemy in isolation. The combination of both pretty much sums up my life.

I’m an artist and I crave attention. I love getting praise for my work because it provides me with a sense of accomplishment. It makes me believe that the art I’m creating serves purpose to the world. Ultimately, it’s appreciation for what I’ve created and the desire of having that appreciation. So when something I post up or send out gets little interaction, I feel absolutely useless. I feel like an outsider looking in, yet weirdly unsure of what I’m looking at (or for). At times I want to escape out of my skin and be somebody and somewhere else. My mind becomes infested with negative questions: “why aren’t you good enough?”; “why are you even bothering?!” – it becomes a living nightmare. But then – immersed in all of those black and white questions – sparked a light bulb: the reason I found it hard to brush things off wasn’t because of the context of which they happened, but rather due to the questions I asked myself, after it. It wasn’t people not accepting me, it was ME not accepting me.

I’ve been working on spending more time with myself, and it’s getting easier. I talk to myself and explain to my head why certain issues aren’t in fact issues. I explain to my head why I am a decent person, and bad things happen so better things can come into life. I tell myself I am here to serve a purpose, and it’s alright that I don’t know what it is yet. This process is gradually turning me into a complete person, as opposed to the ‘life-debate personified’ thing I have been as of late.

Another thing I decided to do was to stop focusing so much on social media. I wouldn’t look at it. I moved the apps into the other window of my phone so I wouldn’t check it as frequently. I removed the tabs from my browser, and turned all notifications off. I would check my messages once a day, as opposed to continually refreshing throughout. The space I freed up from doing something so simple was unreal: it allowed me to have more conversations with people, read the newspapers, books, have dinner with friends and actually enjoy it. Most importantly, I accepted my own company. It’s not exactly clear sailing now, but it’s definitely a lot better and I’m learning to handle situations with a calmer mind and overall mentality. It is what it is, and we live to be the best. So be the best for YOU, and you’ll be the best for everyone else.


  • don’t check your social networks before you sleep. Read a book, exercise or meditate for half an hour instead
  • take up a random hobby for no apparent reason whatsoever
  • turn off social network notifications on your phone (unless it’s your job, then #soz)
  • every day, speak to someone you’ve not spoken to in a long time.
  • instead of calling friends, arrange to meet them
  • read fiction, and let your imagination have a field day
  • eat, exercise and rest well. It’s the root to some of our biggest problems, and it’s probably the easiest to overcome.
  • every day, do a good deed. Whether giving words of wisdom, carrying someone’s bag, giving up your seat, smiling, whatever. One little thing every day will almost certainly pick up your mood and energy.

Some relevant quotes to leave you with. Until next time, folks:

“If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” – Edison

“When we are unable to find tranquility in ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.” – De La Rochefoucauld

“Silence is the essential condition of happiness.” – Heine

#MP7 – Balance

Finding a happy medium in life is what we as human beings strive to have: the perfect harmony of all elements allowing for smooth runnings and ultimately, a peaceful existence. A lot of people assume balance is literally that: balancing every part of your life equally with everything else – it’s not. In fact, that’d probably make sh*t a lot worse. Let me start by asking you this – what are you looking for?

“Our true self is the part of us that is always in balance, no matter what is going on around us. Finding personal balance is about doing the inner work to choose peace, no matter what the situation. Whenever we are ready, the great news is that our true selves are there waiting to be rediscovered.
     Personal balance can be about work-life balance, about work-fun balance, or simply about being healthy. But at a deeper level, the goal of personal balance is ultimately about finding some peace of mind and joy in life, no matter what the circumstances. Like our true selves, personal balance is always there for us to rediscover. As we search for health in mind, body and spirit, we don’t need anything except the willingness to look inside to find it and to do the things most of us already know how to do.” – Will Ellis, Finding Personal Balance: A Path to Inner Peace in a Life of Doing More.

What are you looking for?

The reason I’m writing about balance is mainly down to how the topic arose in the first place. After my initial #MP entries, I decided to ask people what they wanted me to write about; if there was a particular internal issue they were facing and needed advice on. After going through responses, I saw a comment which simply read, “balance.” When I asked the commenter to elaborate, he expressed his desire to find balance in his life.

He said, “to be real with you, I’m having an internal battle at the moment. I don’t sleep because I think I should be doing something productive. The following day I’m really tired, but I feel guilty by resting: I don’t want to get so relaxed that I become lazy and have to double my input to get back on track. Sometimes I get paralysed in a mental deadlock of indecisiveness that is crippling to the positive energy I want to put out into the universe. I want to work harder, train, spend time with loved ones, and still have that peace that allows me to look at every aspect of life with an unbiased, harmonious view to inspire others.” The reason this caught me off-guard was because this person is a very good friend of mine, a creative, and one of the most well-rounded people I have met.

It’s clear that in this day and age, you have to work a lot harder to make a lot less money. You’re constantly trying to maintain a strong working ethic, whilst having personal time, family time, a social life and creative balance. We find it challenging and virtually impossible to create that level-playing field. But why is it so difficult? An Einstein quote reigns true: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Balance is important because you get to do all the things you wanted to do, see the people you want to see, and most importantly, just enjoy living your every day. People also look for balance to find peace, happiness, and sometimes because they just want to be more efficient (see, work balance). I want you to know that although these tips won’t immediately guarantee a sudden zen, the more time dedicated, the closer you’ll be to achieving your desired goal. You can attempt to do them all, or selective ones.

  • Prioritise: I know you’re probably thinking that this goes without saying, but there’s a difference between listing priorities and actually acting upon it. So, state all of the main tasks and elements in your life, order them in regards to importance. What are your main priorities that demand immediate attention? And what little things are floating around in your head that can be left to do at a later date? Sift through them, and dedicate a block time for each in order of importance.
  • Lists: I find the best way to get through the day is by making a to-do list the night before. In addition to this, set a monthly to-do list for ongoing tasks and deadlines. Make sure to put any significant social date into your diary as SOON as it’s confirmed, too. That way you can plan around events you can’t miss (birthdays, weddings, and so on).
  • Rest: you’re human, not a vampire. Over-working yourself will usually result in lower standards of work anyway, so why waste time having to re-do it all? Sleeping is glorious – your mind and body are in ease, and your relaxed state will allow for greater productivity. If you’re a snoozer, set your alarm really loud, and put it at the opposite end of the room. You’re forced to wake up, and all is well, homie.
  • Downtime: you’re allowed to have fun, and this is the best form of balance, I feel. Allow yourself to do something you love, or just do something mindless. If you’re working for hours on end, put some time aside that evening to watch a film that makes you laugh. In my case, after writing for ages, I browse BuzzFeed for ten minutes. (Any longer though, and it becomes an almost Candy Crush-like addiction. Key: balance).
  • DON’T play Candy Crush. There’s enjoying yourself, and then there’s shooting yourself in the foot. With candies. And that re-growing chocolate BS. And those stupidly needless liquorices that absorb all the power. I f*cking hate Jelly, too. Jelly can go to hell. Sorry.
  • Don’t aim to please everyone: not everyone can demand your attention. Remember, if you keep saying yes to doing things you don’t want to do, solely to please others; the more times you’ll subconsciously be saying no to yourself, doing things you’d like to do. Get it? If not, I apologise for how poorly that was phrased.
  • Exercising and Meditation: I’ve noticed a few friends getting into meditation, and a few others that have been exercising a lot more. Needless to say, they all seem to be feeling a lot happier, and are ridiculously pro-active.
  • Arts: finally, one for the artists. Even if you are lucky enough to be doing something you love for a living – you still need time away from it. Don’t let your art fall into routine. Take breaks, if something doesn’t immediately click then leave it for a few days. Come back at another time and start fresh.

So once more, what are you looking for?

#MP6 – Keep Smiling

Press play, and read along.

Today, we need each other more than ever.

We need reassurance because we’ve become incredibly vulnerable and self-conscious as a generation. Social media, art and culture seem to be the threads of a superficial, narcissistic veil which hides true insecurities. Our value and self-worth comes down to how receptive our images, posts, and general opinions are on social networks.

We need strength because mentally we don’t have the energy to be strong twenty-four seven. Problems are problems, regardless of size. At one point in your life, it will take up the majority of your mental capacity. It’s all you think about – before, during and after. We worry about pretty much everything there is to worry about. Being in the city doesn’t help either, with overheads soaring whilst your income remains stagnant; you’re taxed on virtually everything; unemployment is at a high, with the younger generation losing more hope on ever finding anything. And being in the UK, the weather is fucking depressing.

Everyone’s growing up whilst you’re under more pressure to find a path to stick to. Just a lane, just some security to let society know that you’re like them – that you have foundations. And with those foundations, you build routine, and create a schedule that you spend the next few years of your monotonous life, adhering to – because everyone else does the same. Life suddenly stops being fun.

That’s why we need to smile more, and start thinking about each other as opposed to ourselves. Yes, we have our troubles –  but subconsciously we wish people could acknowledge, relate and help us. So why should we not be the same for others? Always help someone when you have the ability to – be it skills related, financially, emotionally, anything – even if there is nothing to gain on your end.

I wish we smiled more, because the domino effect is phenomenal, and you’d be surprised at how such a little action can leave a massive impact on someone. It’s difficult when everything feels like it’s falling apart, of course, but that should make us appreciate the good all the more. Focus on positivity because the stronger that energy gets, the closer WE become. There’s always a light somewhere, sometimes we just need to help each other find it.

Vulnerability and self-consciousness stem from way too many issues we face in this day and age, so in this day and age, we need to help, support, appreciate and love each other for this day and age to be more of a positive day and age to a future generation of dreamers, believers and optimists. Smile more. Look for silver linings, appreciate the little gestures, and crooked moments that make your life a little bit different to everyone else’s.

MP #5 – Identity

Don’t ever let anyone define you.
Don’t accept anyone else’s ideal as your own.
Do not let anyone, let you think,
you are anything other than what you feel.

Do not ever take yourself for granted,
because you have the ability,
to be powerful beyond anyone else’s comprehension.
Don’t let others, let you believe otherwise.

Don’t be worried, that you haven’t figured yourself out.
Don’t be scared, that you haven’t found your purpose.
Your existence, should be all the purpose you need.
Never devalue your thought processes,
your opinions, your beliefs.

Allow no one to take away your dreams. Not even yourself.

Believe in achieving the impossible,
because it will force you to work harder.
Remember that somewhere,
someone has done what you want to do –
but YOU haven’t.
As long as YOU are there, and YOU are doing it,
you are original.
You are the best YOU, anyone could ever be.

Do not let trends and fads shape your identity,
let your ambition and your talents, shape it.
And never, ever, say you don’t have a talent.
You do, you just haven’t discovered it yet.

It is okay to be you, in a world where it seems,
‘you’, is everything you don’t want to be.
But without you, there’s no them.
Without them, there’s no us.
Without us, there’s no existence.

No one should ever undermine you,
because you are everything that keeps our eyes open.
We don’t exist, without your existence.

So, believe in you.

These Words.

Listen to the spoken word version (HERE) and read along:

These words of mine.
Spend tonight as typed words.
It’s quicker.
Easier to edit.
Hit backspace and hold.
Of these words that are in my mind.
That I don’t speak and say aloud.
Because I don’t need to.
Rather I write them.
Type them, without uttering a sound.
But these are my words.
And I speak them,
because I read them in my voice.
But I never allow,
my lips to move for a moment.
As to distract me,
from these words of mine.

The purpose of words,
is to speak with a voice.
To get these words heard,
but I don’t even whisper.
So if these words stay silent,
and are never voiced.
Are they really my words?
If I don’t ever speak them.

If the only sound you can barely hear,
is the sound of my breath,
and my fingers tapping away at the laptop.
Would you peek over my shoulder?
Or would you wait, for me to recite something?
Would you ask me? Because if you did,
I would probably read this to you.
But, what if you never ask?

See, as these words formulate in my mind,
a vision them overshadows the written,
into a context where I see,
and I absorb. I stop, and let things in.
How can I put such indescribable visions,
into words.
And if I could, how could people understand.
Fear of being subjective.
Fear of letting these words paint a picture,
that for some reason,
looks like a different painting in the minds of everyone else.

These words I believe can change our lives,
but we don’t give them the time of day,
because our words are usually discarded,
for other words that try to be realistic about life.
In other words, I have to refrain from art.
To chase up a version of reality,
that others deem acceptable in a world where,
you’re only as good as your last hit,
and you’re only as wealthy as your last cheque,
Because you’re only as intelligent as your degree reads,
and you’re only as visible as, you let your self be.

But this is where I discard no more.
I absorbed everything around me,
and allowed it to be everything about me,
And now these words have more fuel behind them,
and more deftness and wittiness,
and intelligence backed up with endless references,
based on why we need to be the best that we can be.

You see, these words can have the power to do anything.
To overthrow kingdoms, to challenge laws,
to remove hatred, to empower the oppressed.
To build movements, to achieve excellence.
To silence critics, to spread positive energy,
to energise the weak, to save the world..

To speak volumes.

These words, are your words.

– So, what are you gonna do to change the world?

MP #4 – Writer’s Block.. Blah.

Clean Your Workspace!

Clean Your Workspace!

This post contains explicit language. Do not operate heavy machinery whilst skim-reading. 

Writer’s Block: the beautiful struggle to materialise ideas whilst dealing with everything you could possibly hate to be dealing with.

Add that to the fact you’re most probably writing towards the end of your busy-as-hell day, with little to no energy.
Irony falls, as you’ve just backed your 6th cup of stale coffee
(or the sixth can of Red Bull if you’ve a distaste for warmth. You cold-blooded infidels).
A couple hours of thumb-twiddling, Facebook-roaming, Twitter-ranting, and
finding-something-healthy-to-eat-by-staring-aimlessly-at-an-empty-fridge-whilst-you-should-really-be-asleep later, you decide to call an end to an unproductive night.

Me: Lord, it’s so frustrating!
Them: (Don’t blaspheme!)
Me: I’m not even religious?
Them: (It may offend others that read this)
Me: How?! It’s not exactly offensive.
Them: (But it’s politically incorrect)
Me: Wait, wha.. oh, just fuck off already.

Alas, we have Problem #1 – External Opinions

As writers, we put our hearts and souls on paper,
knowing how easily that paper can get discarded.
It’s a scary thought to know the emotion and experiences you’ve gone through can (and often will) be judged so fickly.
It’s a unique feeling, that specific kind of vulnerability.

“Too self-conscious. They tell you to write for an audience, but sometimes you need to get back to writing for yourself – without judgement.”Bee, Mysterious (and Awesome) Tweeter.

Problema Número Dos – Yourself

Sometimes, we couldn’t care less about what the outside world thinks.
After all, this may be something you’re writing for yourself, and only yourself.
It’s a form of stress-release, and can unlock hidden emotions.
This – in some cases – can be more petrifying than publishing!

“I don’t want to feel in a dark place so I avoid the dark writing I have to do.”Sacha Wise, Spoken Word Poet. She also shared another gem, “not wanting to start something I can’t finish… I don’t start it until I am in the head space to be able to finish it.” 

Incredibly insightful, Stephe Meloy added: “When I was younger, I tried to control it [creativity] rather than harness it and that invariably blocked the very flow I was trying to maintain.” Ah, Zen.

Bad moods, lack of inspiration, restrictions and lack of coffee (I see you, Hiral) are common reasons for why Writer’s Block may settle. Note: procrastination isn’t usually a cause of writer’s block. Procrastination is usually a cause of procrastination.

Problem Tree – Frustration (think about it visually, the tree)

Everything whittles down to this one, bastard, thing.
Through frustration we force ourselves to get something done.
It’s vicious, because the needlessly added pressure,
makes writing that much harder.
Never allow yourself to get sucked into that.

I’ve gathered a few pointers to help keep Writer’s Block at Bay. Now there’s a great self-help book, if you’ve ever heard one:

  • Step Away: if you’re struggling, don’t touch it until you feel you’re ready to. Do anything and everything to take your mind off of it: go for a walk, make food, watch mindless television or films, call someone that makes you laugh.
  • Lose The Time Limit: don’t look to ‘get back to it soon’. Just leave it in its entirety. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up! You’re just continuing when you’re in a better frame of mind.
  • Drink Tea (or Coffee): seriously. If you don’t like it, drink it until you get accustomed. Very therapeutic, very earthly, very Zen.
  • Create A Framework, and Don’t Seek Perfection: when getting caught up in writing, we often stray from the point (which leads to frustration, which leads to not being able to finish it). Write the aim/point of your piece at the top of each page.
  • Clean Your Workspace: cluttered environment, cluttered mind (see above image).
  • “Never be a third party evaluating whether your work is good or bad.” – Joel Hirschhorn.
  • Appreciate Your Talent: you have the ability to write, creatively and expressively. Don’t let anything or anyone stifle that. There are millions of people that would kill to write like you, so never doubt yourself. Ever.
  • Lose Needlessness: is there any reason for the Facebook tab to be open? Tumblr? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram? Why is your phone even in this scenario? Why are you reading this! Oh, wait. Never mind.

If all else fails, just switch off for a while. If you’re writing to a deadline… have some more coffee.

MP #3 – Positive Mental Alchemy

Alchemy (n.) 1. the medieval forerunner of chemistry, esp. seeking to turn base metals into gold or silver. The art of transmuting metals.; 2. a miraculous transformation or the means of achieving this.

Waking up can be a struggle. I found myself at the bottom of the barrel,
without knowing what put me there.
I wouldn’t speak to people. Not because I was afraid,
but because I didn’t know what to say.
I didn’t know what was wrong, so what would I even talk about?
I ultimately decided against medication and counselling,
and opted to look internally instead.

I cut out things that frustrated me – social network timelines and statuses,
and started to read more. I went through a few books on the Laws of the Universe,
Meditation and Yoga, Self-Help and Positivity.
Beginning to feel self-righteous and worldly, I wanted to know more.
Particularly, how everything is connected with everything else.

Though there are many Laws of the Universe, I focused on
The Law of Attraction: “this demonstrates how we create things,
events and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts,
feelings, words and actions produce energy, which, in turn, attracts like energies.”

Your world is shaped by the energy you give out.
You can achieve anything you desire, provided you’ve the right focus.
Being pinned down with negative feelings attracts negative energy.
Have you noticed when something goes wrong, everything else seems to go wrong too?
I very much appreciated that, so I began to shift my energy by:

  • Continuing to read
  • Speaking to others more – and most importantly – listening
  • Trying to make people happy, even when I wasn’t
  • Ensuring I was cutting out things that would frustrate me
  • Writing: I focused properly, and started creating a book
  • Surrounding myself with talented, like-minded musicians and friends
  • Calming the ‘noise’ in my mind enough to meditate (let’s say there’s still some work to be done here…!)

I’m still very much a novice at shifting energy, and thinking positively.
But one thing I noticed a lot of people do, was get frustrated when they had dips.
No one expects you to stay happy 24/7, 365. You’ll drive yourself crazy.
The problem lies when we hold on to those negative thoughts.
Let them ride out, and then get back to your positive outlook.
Learn from mistakes, and allow yourself to make them.

Replace your negative thoughts, with positive ones.

Positive Mental Alchemy, art by S Sid Ahmed

Positive Mental Alchemy, art by S Sid Ahmed

Something to Watch:

“The Modern Samaritan”, a great example of kindness and positive energy.
“Free Hugs with CALM”
, a hug is such a small thing that can change someone’s day for the better.

Something to Read:

“It’s Not How Good You Are, But How Good You Want To Be” by Paul Arden
“The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho
“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne
“The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel
“Chicken Soup for the Soul” by Jack Canfield
“All That Men Know About Women” by Dr. Alan Francis

For more art by S Sid Ahmed.