Movember, Mo’s & Mental Health!

I was recently approached by Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle magazine The Idle Man to talk about Movember, Grooming and Mental Health. Here’s an extract from the article:

“Day 11 of Movember: I’ve just passed that awkward early-growth phase and have serious beard withdrawal symptoms. The last time I clean-shaved was seven or so years ago – a fact my barber smugly pointed out, several times over, whilst getting my not-so-usual trim. Losing my beard was a decision I had been toying with for the entirety of October, (I have one of those faces that are really defined by facial hair). Starting November 1st baby-faced was a dreaded thought but I took the plunge with the intention of getting more people talking about the ever-elusive topic of mental health.

Since 2012, I’ve been part of CALM’s team of ambassadors raising awareness of mental health, depression and suicide in the United Kingdom; the latter of which is the biggest killer of men in the UK (2013’s figures being the highest in the past fifteen years). 5,140 suicides were reported in 2013 and alarmingly, 78% of those were committed by men: that’s 4,020 suicides, meaning there were 4 male suicides for every 1 female. It’s widely acknowledged that men don’t really open up so these statistics being a consistent trend come as no real surprise. What is surprising is the recent spike last year. It had me thinking about possible triggers (of depression) and the list is endless: money, relationships, jobs and careers, family, bereavement and illness are just the beginning of a downwards spiral to not wanting to wake up in the morning.”

Read the article in full, here:


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