Spoken Sessions #2: ART

To celebrate National Poetry Day, I decided to follow up Break You with my second instalment of the Spoken Sessions. “ART” was filmed, edited and recorded last night between 7-10pm, and stars the incredible Alex Stanley-Dower. It focuses on insecurity, self-worth, inner beauty and complex society.

Watch the video here, and scroll down further to read the piece:

You’re effortless.

You shrug your shoulders when I ask about your Art,
and brush off your masterpieces as simply as you brush your hair to one side.
You call your smile so-so even though it never rains when you’re happy.

Your laugh masks your fragility but the pools of your eyes tell stories untold to the world,
as if you wrote your tells just for me.
You have this aura, it draws the best parts of our soul into it and out of us.

Out of mind sometimes it’s like I’m in the presence of someone I was destined to meet.
To talk to you is like a blessing to me.

You never see your light because you’re too busy ensuring everyone else can see theirs.
You’re complex. You’re like a story that words could never do justice.
You’re a design of time. Of Patience. Of Poetry.

You see, you can be absorbed and critiqued and adorned and revered, all in one gaze.
It could be hell for most but you pay no mind because it’s unnecessary.
People will always say what they want and they’ll judge because they know no better.
An eye for an eye makes the world blind but a strong heart will forever beat to change it.

Out of mind sometimes it’s like I’m in the presence of someone I was destined to meet.
To see you here is like a blessing to me.

You’re like Art;
I may not feel you but I feel you.
I may not appreciate you as much as you need,
but you’ll never say that to me if what I was doing, was bless for me.

You’re like Art: