A Recap: The 2014 FIFA World Cup!

Germany 1, Argentina 0! The most incredible – and most expensive – World Cup of all time ended with Germany winning the final and Mario Götze scoring the decisive goal! Golden Ball: Lionel Messi, Golden Glove: Manuel Neuer, Golden Boot: James Rodríguez.

This year we saw the likes of reigning champions Spain, England, Portugal and Italy crash out, with underdogs showing an unrivalled strength (word to Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Algeria and USA for the heart attacks every other game).

We witnessed the last World Cup for footballing legends Andrea Pirlo, Xavi, David Villa, Rafa Márquez, Buffon, Drogba and Steven Gerrard, and the beginning for 22 year-old superstars James, Götze and Neymar. Another vet, Miroslav Klose became the World Cup’s all time goalscorer, ironically overtaking Brazil’s Ronaldo in Germany’s 7-1 Müllering of.. Brazil. We saw the home nation fail to recover after wünderkid Neymar broke his back, and the power subsequently shifted to Europe (this game has its own Wikipage, dubbed “Mineirazo”). It became the most tweeted about event in history. Fred subsequently retired from international football.

The tournament saw some of the worst refereeing (even with goal-line tech, cooling breaks and magic spray introduced), and goalkeepers became the superstars in one of the highest scoring tournaments ever (Howard, Navas, Ochoa and sweeper-keeper Neuer should probably form the new Avengers). Luis Suárez destroyed England, bit someone and secured his dream move to Barcelona – joining an attacking line-up of Messi and Neymar. Cahill, RVP, Schürrle and James scored some of the most incredible goals I’ve ever seen, whilst Louis van Gaal brought on goalkeeper Tim Krul JUST for a penalty shoot-out and it paid off.

The final was tense, but the beautiful game won in the end: the best footballing unit succeeded in the tournament of individual superstars. See you in four years, Russia. Expectations will be at their highest.


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