Breaking Down “A Song To Drink Tea To”

I wanted to touch on the thought process behind my latest record, as a lot of people seem to be taking it quite literally, ha.

A Song To Drink Tea To isn’t actually about tea, but rather the discovery of your inner self. All of us have vices, problems and external influences that set us back. What we need to do is reflect on these things and teach ourselves how to tackle them, how to beat them.

Finding your own personal peace/happy place is essential in restoring your life’s balance, for every cloud has a silver lining. Every bad has a good. This wasn’t written to expel bad, however, as without the bad we’d never appreciate good. Rather, it’s about your own interests and living in your personal space without negative thought creeping in.

For me, I feel relaxed listening to music and drinking tea. Tea is important for my mind and body, it relaxes me and allows me to regain focus and channel my energy correctly. For others it could be writing, reading poetry, taking long walks, being with friends etc. My song’s protagonist is the female musician who eludes criticism, knowing it’s of no value. She sits with her records to create, to escape. To be in her own world that allows for spiritual freedom. Her favourite place.

Essentially, this record was made with a purpose of sustaining discovery. Discover who YOU really are, and appreciate both sides of the coin to find your balance and peace. Be content with that, and continue down whatever path is necessary for you.


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