SF: Laura Wolfie Review

The following is an extract of my article for Sampleface:

“Concept projects seem to be all the rage at the moment and with ‘the seven deadly sins’ in particular being absolutely done to death, Wolfie really needed to knock this out the park. Fortunately for her, her originality coupled with incredible production and THAT voice, makes Laura Wolfie one of the most intriguing artists I’ve heard in a long time.

Remember the 7 Deadly Sins shoot on America’s Next Top Model a few years back? Well, this should’ve been the soundtrack for it. The 7-track EP kicks off with Luxuria (or Lust in layman’s terms). Wolfie’s vocal has depth and sharpness – reminiscent of Nylo/Maryann Vasquez – whilst hats are well-and-truly tipped to Craig Viera for the production. Gula (Gluttony) follows and as expected, it’s full of food-related, tongue-in-cheek innuendo. I mean, “it’s finger lickin’ good when he play with me”. Aaaaow.”

Read the article in full, here: http://sampleface.co.uk/review-laura-wolfie-7ds/


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