Let’s get away for a little while.

Away from early morning commutes.
Away from desks, computers and cigarette breaks.
Away from time restrictions, train delays and traffic.
Away from sluggish rain hitting a blur of black umbrellas.

Away from routine.

Let’s get away from unkind eyes, judgements and stereotypes.
Away from negative souls that’ll do anything to crush you.
Their lives have spiralled so deeply into the mundane,
it seems they’ll do anything to bring you down to their level.

Can we take a break?

Some time away from schedules would be nice,
away from meetings, interviews and deadlines.
Can we change our opinion of Monday mornings?
We could, but probably won’t.

Can we look at each other when talking, at least?

Let’s converse, in reality.
Let’s stop being socially anti-social.
Our phones aren’t needed sometimes.
Why not break away from our digital confinements?

It’s nice to be free from everything that defines us.
It gives us the opportunity to appreciate things we neglect.
Things we respect but never admit to,
people we love but would never admit to.

It’s a great world we’re in but we’ll never know,
because we’ll never look up.
Instead, we’ll escape into our routine,
and find ourselves escaping from where we wanted to escape to.

Because it’s routine. And routine is safe.

Picture Source: Tim Kavanagh


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