SF: RKZ’s Round Up #1

The following is an extract of my article for Sampleface:

“What’s happening, beautiful people?

I’ve been inundated with requests to cover new releases this year, to the point where they were beginning to outnumber hours in the day. With that in mind, I thought I’d start a new piece: RKZ’s Round Up! A collection of records I’ve heard that are incredible: whether they’ve been submitted, stumbled upon or Soundcloud-ed. So, let’s get straight into it!

1. Anjelihs – Beneath The Grapevine

The Massachusetts-native has dropped this absolute gem of a record called Beneath The Grapevine, which was recently featured as Pigeons & Planes’ Daily Discovery. And with good reason, too. The raw, soul-bearing R&B joint resonates beautifully around reflective mind-states, and I’ve added this record to near enough every new playlist I’ve created. If You’re A Fan Of: Blues, Frank Ocean, Sad Songs that make for good Soundtracks.”

Read the article in full, here: http://sampleface.co.uk/rkzs-round-up-1/



Your colour can’t really be expressed,
but I’m reminded of you,
every time I find stars painted against nothingness.

You are the sky’s Soul,
and though your feet stay well grounded,
the infinite above yearns for your presence.

You’re the shining glimmer of hope that,
became lost against my world’s past.
A world without you,
leaves me colour blind.

My energy can’t find purpose,
but you surprise me.
You made me stop searching,
and start trusting.

Your colour can’t be described,
because I see you in colours that don’t exist.

Inspired by I See You In Colors by Paul Matsumoto


“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

We value the opinions of others above our own; the same way we give advice but can’t take it. We’re confined by the walls we’ve built. Change your external focus to an internal one, and do whatever’s good for you. Build the ability to appreciate yourself.

Create your Peace.