Spoken Sessions #1: Break You

Following the 2011 YouTube series Cover Sessions, I have decided to start up a brand new 2014 series called the Spoken Sessions. The twelve-part Spoken Word series will focus on a range of different topics similar to those I’ve previously expressed on this blog! January’s video is called Break You, which touches on domestic abuse, emotional state and mentality. The video is filmed, directed and produced by myself, and stars Pia Sarkar.

You can watch the video here, lyrics given below:

Our minds wander on flecks of dust.
Shattered glass often finds peace on your floorboards,
because you’re light-footed, and soft spoken.
So words float through moments of hardship, whereas mine usually break you.

At times I wonder if your fragility is your biggest weakness.
But maybe it’s not you being too fragile. Perhaps, I’m too angry.
Perhaps my words come across harsher than you’re used to, but it was all I was used to.
You don’t fight, or raise your voice because you’re level-headed.
Whereas I escalate to insane, you stay maintained,
leaving me thinking that bad thoughts shouldn’t be festering in my brain.
Am I to blame?

Because when you broke, I tried to put your pieces back together and made things worse.
My hands bled and you lay there. Broken.
It was only when I left, did you mould yourself back together.
Even better. You had me wondering how he managed to break you in the first place.
I can’t move mountains though Lord knows I broke my back trying to.
And I’d continue until I broke too, so I could stop him from breaking you.
His God-forsaken presence, makes me wish I was present for that moment,
where he took his presence, and made his presence felt.

But that’s all in the past. And today, I’m your present.
And I’ll ensure that your presence is safe.

Our minds wander on flecks of dust.
Shattered glass often finds peace on your floorboards
because you’re light-footed., and soft spoken.
So words flow through moments of hardship,
and mine will never break you.