Starry Minded.

I can’t decide whether I’m feeling negative, or positive. I switch between the two within the same time segment.
I don’t know whether I want to do something or not. I think about how important it is, and devalue it simultaneously.

I get worked up about what to write about. Writing something about being a frustrated Gemini, and being frustrated at being a frustrated Gemini, could perhaps bode well with Gemini’s, but what about the other star signs? Do I even really, factually, believe in star signs? Do we possess tendencies and common traits? Is this world aligned with every star and energy, or is our mind, simply put, the greatest power we know?

Does our mind’s acceptance of star signs, convince us of their existence? Or does our brain do that?
Is our manifestation a representation of the Universe? Our self consisting of body, mind, soul and brain; similar to how each planet forms our solar system; and each solar system and star completes a galaxy; and how every galaxy, forms an infinite.. the Universe.

How can I understand a darkness that I don’t see? How does it take over my mind without ever existing?
How can my mind be so powerful, that I cannot control something of which I’m in complete control of?

Suddenly I began to understand life a little more,
and as soon as I did, I couldn’t understand a single thing.


Believe Me.

As I am not one to lead you onto a path of dead ends.
I don’t intend to promise you things I can’t deliver.
I will not shelter you from the real world,
or keep you from understanding realities.

I don’t feed you tabloid tales, or false headlines,
to spin something in the 1%’s favour.
I don’t pay the rich to pay the middle class,
to tell the poor that they’re going to remain homeless,
for another night.

I’m not speaking out of turn, or teaching you how to behave.
Against right-wing extremists that walk on ethnic foundations,
and then say there’s no place for coloured people here,
“their beliefs will cause destruction, their beliefs will destroy us.”

How much would a bit of metal, shot straight through flesh, kill?
I don’t need to tell you about the suffering, of anyone.
I would never hurt you. And I would never lie.
I’ll just let the news do that, instead.

I won’t stop women from being afraid to be out alone at night.
Because I wouldn’t want my women to be out alone at night.
I fear for their safety, in this world where you’re a target,
regardless of age.

I would save you, if you needed me to.
But how can I save you, if you don’t show me,
that you need to be saved? How do I act,
when you’re okay.. and suddenly, you’re gone?

“I can’t change this world. I’m just one insignificant person, I have no voice.”

Sure. But what if every person in the world, thought the same thing as you?