These Words.

Listen to the spoken word version (HERE) and read along:

These words of mine.
Spend tonight as typed words.
It’s quicker.
Easier to edit.
Hit backspace and hold.
Of these words that are in my mind.
That I don’t speak and say aloud.
Because I don’t need to.
Rather I write them.
Type them, without uttering a sound.
But these are my words.
And I speak them,
because I read them in my voice.
But I never allow,
my lips to move for a moment.
As to distract me,
from these words of mine.

The purpose of words,
is to speak with a voice.
To get these words heard,
but I don’t even whisper.
So if these words stay silent,
and are never voiced.
Are they really my words?
If I don’t ever speak them.

If the only sound you can barely hear,
is the sound of my breath,
and my fingers tapping away at the laptop.
Would you peek over my shoulder?
Or would you wait, for me to recite something?
Would you ask me? Because if you did,
I would probably read this to you.
But, what if you never ask?

See, as these words formulate in my mind,
a vision them overshadows the written,
into a context where I see,
and I absorb. I stop, and let things in.
How can I put such indescribable visions,
into words.
And if I could, how could people understand.
Fear of being subjective.
Fear of letting these words paint a picture,
that for some reason,
looks like a different painting in the minds of everyone else.

These words I believe can change our lives,
but we don’t give them the time of day,
because our words are usually discarded,
for other words that try to be realistic about life.
In other words, I have to refrain from art.
To chase up a version of reality,
that others deem acceptable in a world where,
you’re only as good as your last hit,
and you’re only as wealthy as your last cheque,
Because you’re only as intelligent as your degree reads,
and you’re only as visible as, you let your self be.

But this is where I discard no more.
I absorbed everything around me,
and allowed it to be everything about me,
And now these words have more fuel behind them,
and more deftness and wittiness,
and intelligence backed up with endless references,
based on why we need to be the best that we can be.

You see, these words can have the power to do anything.
To overthrow kingdoms, to challenge laws,
to remove hatred, to empower the oppressed.
To build movements, to achieve excellence.
To silence critics, to spread positive energy,
to energise the weak, to save the world..

To speak volumes.

These words, are your words.

– So, what are you gonna do to change the world?


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