A Time of Day.

A state of nothing:
I don’t dream of dreaming, or believe I am here.
I don’t think about how I should feel, or what I should do.
I get on with it: live every day without thinking about living every day.
We allow ourselves to work around time; seldom reversed.

A concept of bending it seems like way too much effort.
Rather we stick to what we know, and believe what we are told to.
There are restrictions, curfews, boundaries, to everything.
Everything we fathom is only what someone else has already imagined.

the beauty in a grey sky is all I need. The isolation of a dark room,
strangely comforts me as much as it drives me (insane).
And I would take insanity over routine; whim over schedule.
Because life is so intricate,
yet we sit here, happy to live in one dimension.

We sit here, talking amongst conversations,
living amongst lifestyles, thinking about thinking things.
Working to deadlines, because rules and regulations make this world..

Everything I never want to be.




I feel the best form of inspiration is nothing.
That way, the ‘something’ you create, goes further than the existing form,

Past your dreams, past your creativity;
past this world of having to understand every details’ purpose and being.
Where we are free.

From time, concepts, thoughts, foundations;
Souls are often distinguished by purity; personification.
We need to comprehend. Yet,
beyond the buildings, beyond depth..
we find ourselves exposed to countless forms of energy,
beyond a reason to question.

We don’t escape into dreams because we always wake up.
But if this world was everything we allowed it to be..
why would we need to sleep?