Behind The Music: Power Trippin’ Breakdown

The ethos behind this project were the 4Ps: Passion, Peace, Positivity and Patience. Channelling the 4Ps may help people overcome their obstacles. The music, message and thought behind the movement is specifically made to heighten your understanding of the universe – making you realise that the only person stopping you from achieving, is you. Positive Mental Alchemy.

Advocating a positive mentality, destroying pessimism and letting the world know that you are here, and are ready to seize it. Embrace the message and do not let anything stop you from reaching your destination.

Positivity – Are You Down? Forget what others think of you, and begin to believe that people aren’t always the best of characters. False promises, fake friends, what have you. However, NONE of this should affect your forward movements: stay positive and know what you need to do to get to your goal. Listen here / Watch video.

Patience = Forever. The human body can withstand so much. The human mind, even more so. Mankind will always try to break each other down individually until, ultimately, we unite for the greater good. We’re here forever. Listen here.

Passion – Gonna Be That. Forget ANYONE getting in your way, or trying to trip you up. BE YOU. Listen here / Watch video.

Peace in the Lights. We look to the lights for calm, for peace, for enlightenment. We live in the darkness and all it should do is strengthen our need to be where the light is. Sometimes, the lights aren’t as literal as you believe. Listen here.